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What To Wear To Your Baby’s Photoshoot

Congratulations on welcoming a new member to your family. It’s one of the biggest joys in life. This means it’s time for cute newborn photos. Planning and preparing for newborn photo session might leave you feeling confused, overwhelmed and even scared especially if you are a first time parent. Being an unchartered territory getting ready for the photoshoot as a parent can be a challenge. You’ve probably looked in closet and you are wondering what on earth you are going to wear, nothing fit anymore and whatever fits doesn’t look any good. It’s not as bad as it sounds, below is a list of what works for a newborn photoshoot.

Mom and dad should match

Matching in pictures is exceptional to baby photography. If mom decides to go with a light colored attire dad should also pick light colored clothes and if the dad decides on a dark colored shirt its best for the mum to also pick out clothes with the same color tone. Matching tones helps in keeping unity all through the family photos. It ensure the focus is on the new bundle of joy you preciously holding in your arms.

Skin to skin

Skin to skin works perfectly with a newborn baby. Pick out a tube top, belly band or a tank top completely solves the -what to wear to your baby’s photoshoot- dilemma. If the dad is comfortable enough with the skin to skin idea then have them lose the shirt for the shoot. Quick tip for mom, if you decide on taking this route wear a strapless bra for the shoot. Don’t worry if you don’t have a strapless bra, pull the straps of nursing bra over your shoulders. The baby’s body will cover your breasts and shoulders don’t appear in picture. Minimal clothes ensure all the focus is on the baby.

Neutral is a safe bet

White, cream, and beige always looks fabulous on newborn baby photography. Other perfect options that you could from is blush, brown, black and cooler gray. If you love color pick out soft baby blue and blush pink for beautiful images. Subtle and soft colors and patterns are great choice. Colors and pattern should be neutral so ensure they are unobtrusive, the baby is the star of the photoshoot and the photos need to reflect that.

What should the baby’s siblings wear?

The idea is not any different when it comes to siblings. Same as you siblings wear should match like mum and dad, neutral is safe bet. If you stick to a skin to skin theme have the little boys photographed with their shirts off it make a really cute photograph. As for young girls try to match the baby wrap to what she is wearing. Avoid bold colors and prints on the baby’s wrap.

Every photographer has his/her own formula on what works with their photography style. The above wardrobe choices are sure to work for a newborn photo session. First family photographs are special and sentimental. Aim for timeless photographs that you and your baby are sure to treasure for generations to come.

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