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Instagram Baby Photos Contest

Instagram is one of the biggest social networking platform with over the 300 million active subscribers, these are actually more active users than on twitter. For most businesses and brands, Instagram as a social media plays a very significant role when it comes to social media marketing strategy. Running a photo contest on Instagram is one of the best and easiest ways to get more followers while increasing your engagement with the current followers. 

If you’re brand target market is parents and kids, here are reasons why you should run a baby contest on Instagram.

Easy to Enter

Most Instagram photo contests require a lot effort and time to enter. These contests drive complicated requests which inspire more User Generate Content (UGC). As much as this photo contests generate great UGC they fail to attract lots of entries. Your baby photo contest should be quick and easy to enter while stimulating more and more engagement that general ‘like to win’ contests. It takes only seconds for a parent to enter their baby on photo contest because the already have so many cute and adorable photos. Your brand will get promoted every time someone enters the contest because they enter by posting the picture on their page.

Wide reach

People are always reluctant to share information about contests on their social feeds but they are more likely to share your brand content if they have a personal connection to the content. When it comes to baby photo contests, people are more likely to their entry on Facebook, Twitter and other social media platforms. You can improve your overall reach by incorporating voting to the contest. Set up public voting using a photo contest tool. Voting will increase shares on social media platforms driving traffic to your website. Don’t choose the winner of the contest based on only public votes. 

Increased participation

A baby photo contest is sure to drive up the number of entries in any social media contest. Parents are always proud of their babies and eager to show off the adorable images of their little ones. This means the need no incentive to enter the baby photo contest. Although to make you baby photo contest more appealing offer prize incentives.


Universal appeal

Ask your parents, baby contests are super popular and they actually might have entered you in one. Creating a baby contest might not be an original idea but trust me there is no doubt of the appeal the hold. There is a website fully dedicated to cute baby photo contest. Baby pictures are sustaining an entire website, imagine how much your brand stands to gain from a photo contest. 

Boost sales

Almost everyone who enters a baby photo contest is a young child’s parent. Considering they are your target demographic every one entering the photo contest is a potential customer. The photo raises immense awareness of you brand among other people within your target market. Making it a great way for driving organic sales, however you need to continue taking action after the baby photo contest ends. Offering extra incentives after the contest will help convert the new found fans into loyal customers. Release a discount code after the close of the contest to find out how many followers take up the offer.

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