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How To Prepare Your Baby For A Photoshoot

A baby’s first photoshoot session whether its milestone shoot or a newborn shoot can be an incredibly fun time. An infant studio session can be quite worrisome for the parents. 

The photoshoot involves memories and you want the pictures to capture these special moments. Since the pictures provide a way for you to remember the newborn sometimes you pay a hefty sum to ensure everything turns out right. Figuring out how to fully prepare your newborn for a photo shoot can be quite stressful. To ease your stress here are few tips on how to prepare the baby for a photoshoot. That way you get to enjoy the shoot and spend more time with your bundle of joy.

Schedule the shoot beforehand

Ensure the photo session goes smoothly without any stress by booking a baby photographer beforehand. Many newborn photographers recommend the photography session to take place within the first 14 days after birth. Within this period the baby is likely to sleep through the entire shoot. This will allow the photographer to capture adorable sleepy photos of the newborn. As ideal as it is to have the photoshoot 14 days after birth so it is as important to book for a photography session ahead of time. If you what to book the session after the baby is born there is a chance that the photographer maybe fully booked up with the first 14 days period. 

Pick the baby’s outfits and accessories ahead of time

If you have a special outfit for the baby in mind pack it beforehand, or any accessories like the baby’s special blanket, a toy, a family heirloom or keepsake. Bring a couple of outfit options in case the special outfit doesn’t fit the baby well. Don’t worry if you have no special outfits in mind, the baby will still look great wrapped in a blanket or without any clothes. 

Don’t forget yourself and the family members that will be in the photos. Don’t aim on getting too dressed. Keep it casual and comfortable for everyone to feel relaxed for the shoot. Also remember to any pack make-up and hair products that you might be using during the photoshoot.

Decide on what you want to do with the photos

Decide whether you want wallets to tuck into the thank you card, if you want to do birth announcements, framed prints or any other extra ideas. Plan beforehand and set aside a budget to ensure you’ll follow through with the plan to create other products from the images. Print address labels for birth announcements earlier so you can actually save time when the baby arrives.

Discuss the photoshoot with your spouse

Find out your spouse or partner’s concerns and expectations on the shoot and ensure they are also excited for the shoot. Discuss the details of the photoshoot and get his or her input on family members or friends who want to be present for the shoot.

The most important thing to keep in mind during a baby photoshoot is to relax and ensure things stay as natural as possible. Don’t overwhelm the child and don’t be opposed to feature in a few photos to make the moment feel more special.

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