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How To Dress Your Baby For A Photoshoot

The biggest concern most parents have after scheduling a photoshoot session is what the baby will wear. Deciding what your little guy or girl should wear has never been an easy task. As a parent you’ve probably spent the past months building your baby’s dream closet. However for a photographer there is nothing as frustrating than a newborn photoshoot with a too dressed up baby. How you dress your baby depends majorl on what you want to get out of the photoshoot. The main purpose of having a newborn shoot is so that you can document your baby’s tiny features. Newborn clothing can be fun and overwhelming but don’t over think it.

Keep it neutral

Keep it neutral by dressing your baby in neutral tones like cream, white and grey. Dark and bright colors usually create color casts on the baby’s skin. When colors bounce off any neutral surface it causes color casts. Dressing up your baby in bright orange or laying the baby on an orange blanket, the bright color will reflect onto the skin making the baby appear a bit orange in the photo.  Dark colors such as black don’t photograph well and provides an unflattering contrast to the newborn skin. Neutral tone ensure the photos accurately capture the baby’s sweet pink skin without unnatural and harsh color casts.

Avoid bold prints on the baby’s clothing

Avoid bold prints on your baby for a professional baby photoshoot because they tend to be fad. Prints always tend to go in or out of style overtime. Bold prints also tend to distract from the baby’s face. For your baby’s portraits it’s important to maintain that timeless and classic look. Opt for basic delicate classic prints, neutral or solid colors. To add variety consider incorporating prints in other ways such as on swaddle. Include different textures such as dress with some lace detail paired with a knit sweater.



If you want to incorporate different textures but you feel limited with eliminated bright colors and bold prints don’t worry. A few well-placed accessories on the baby is likely to satisfy your need. Headband and bows are classic way and subtle way of dressing up your cute little girl. Ensure the baby is comfortable and these delicate bows and headband fit properly. Dress your baby boy in fun socks, a peek of color beneath a neutral toned outfit photographs beautifully. By keeping your baby’s outfit basic and simple you allow the accessories to make a statement as a dress up factor. For a newborn shoot pick out a delicately patterned swaddle, a swaddle will also come in handy if the baby gets fussy. 

Forget the shoes

Don’t worry about getting a pair of shoes for your baby. Shoes are unnecessary for babies who are yet to stand or walk.

The difference between a great baby photo and a good photo is usually in the wardrobe choice for the shoot. You will look at the baby’s photos for years to come so dress the baby successfully as these photographs are really important.

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