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Getting Started In Newborn Photography

You have made a decision to become a photographer full time specializing in photographing newborn and babies. You obviously would like to succeed in this highly competitive niche. All different fields of professional photography involves acquiring a multitude of skills, newborn and baby photography is no exception. Newborn is the only field of photography that requires the photographer to be completely responsible for not only the safety but also the welfare of the subject who is a baby. As a newborn photographer it’s your 100% involved with the baby. Even with the baby’s parents around you will soothe, pose, wrap, feed and hold the baby. Here is what to consider before to getting started in newborn photograph.


When it comes to newborn photography there two main options natural and studio light. Utilize a large window to tap into natural lighting. Use sheer curtains to diffuse natural light. As compared to natural lighting, studio light is versatile and consistent. Studio lights can be used in any room no matter the weather or time providing a substantial degree of control. 

Where will you be shooting?

You can either set up a studio at home or lease an external studio space. Setting a studio at home only works if you have the space. A lot of photographers are running successful home studios. When you are starting out saving on leasehold overheads will help keep your cost of running low and affordable. Shooting on location also has its advantages, the clients are relaxed and more comfortable in their own turf. However lighting could be inconsistent and unpredictable and sometimes the space could be small and cramped. If you are shooting on location plan the shoot beforehand so that you can bring all the required gear.


When starting you need to invest in a standard prop kit. A basic prop kit includes both soft and hard props. Soft props include blankets, wraps, hats, bonnets and tiebacks while hard props include bowls, boxes and crates to pose the baby in and posing beanbags. Purchase newborn photography props on Etsy, local craft stores, newborn marketplace, fabric and homeware stores. Choose bold color palette or neutral color shades. Props determines your style of photography so be careful on the items you buy.


Once you have completed with the photo session you need to figure out how your clients will pick out their images of choice. Choose to sell the final images in person or through online galleries. Selling the images directly to the client might sound scary and intimidating especially when you are starting out. In person sales is actually a way for you to help the client through the next step in the process. By speaking to the client in person you actually educate them on what the right decisions are. Send your clients the images through a link to an online gallery. Sites like Pixieset and Zenfolio host online galleries are ideal for photography business. Ensure the images you upload are watermarked. Your clients will need a password to access the online gallery to choose the images they like.

To become a successful newborn and baby photographer you will have to rely on your personality and creativity as well as develop skills in working with the tiny tots.

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