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Easy Newborn Photography Poses

Unlike any other photography, there is a certain joy that comes with baby photography. The photography bliss purely comes from capturing the innocent cuteness of the baby. The baby’s expressions are totally uncontrolled. Posing a baby is subject to skill and the main goal is to capture the little hands, tiny feet, the cute pouty lips and the baby’s personality through incorporating props. Here are some of baby poses for you to try. Ensure the baby is always comfortable and safe.

I’m a sucker for props, but who isn’t. If you have browsed through baby photo ideas you understand props make baby photos get the professional look. Even at infant age babies have unique personalities. Parents also have dreams and desires for their babies. A prop is an excellent way of extending the babies personality into a physical realm. Props can also be used to include the parent’s desire for the baby into the photograph. Don’t ever apologize for using props.



Carefully wrap the baby in a rug, blanket or both a rug and a blanket. A rug and a blanket provides a different and unique texture and feel to a photograph. Wrap the baby’s hands in or outside the blanket. Wrapping the baby’s hands outside the blanket can be a bit tricky, try out the poses that feels more natural to you and safer for the baby. This pose is sure to remind you why a baby is referred to as a “bundle of joy”.

Siblings and parents


A sibling and parents picture with the baby is more of a setup than a pose. When taking a picture of the mum or siblings with the baby the ideal pose is to have to have them lie next to each other with the heads touching or have baby in their arms.  For a picture of the dad with the baby the ideal pose is the dad holding the baby in his arms.

Side pose


As the name suggests, the baby is posed on its side while lying in a curled position. The baby lies on his/her right side. The hands are usually joined together or placed under the bay’s chin. The difference can be seen in the depth of the poses. The opportunities to customize a side pose picture are endless, pick out different blankets for the baby, dress up the baby in a wrap that contrast with the blanket, pick out accessories like tutu skirts, pants, caps and crowns to make the baby feel extra special.

Womb pose


This is one of the most comfortable poses for a baby. The womb poses provides an opportunity for a photographer to capture the baby’s facial expressions and its tiny cute hands and feet. This poses is mainly preferred by parents because it requires little expertise and it’s much safer for the baby.

The above five poses makes up a huge part of how baby photographers capture lifetime memories for the baby and the entire family. 

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