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Clothing And Styling Tricks For An Extraordinary Baby Photoshoot

Layers and textures

Layers simply add detail, depth and beauty to an image. Both layers and textures creates an interest in photographs. Incorporating multiple textures and layers is important in newborn and baby photography because the color palette is usually on the neutral and softer side. Achieve great texture by dressing the baby in a variety of clothing materials and accents such as crotchet, tweed and embroidery details. Layers and textures also work great on black and white images.

Don’t match, coordinate

When styling keep in mind that most newborn and baby photographers start out the photo session with a basic color palette. The baby should carry a pattern in their clothes that inspires clothing and accessory choices for the rest of the family. Their outfits should also be simple. Pull the simple outfit look with neutral tones and few colorful bright tones. Broaden you color range by picking a softer palette that has various tonal ranges of similar shades. When working with a soft palette or neutral it’s safe to pick out color pops to coordinate between the baby and the family.

Try out pattern in moderation

Want to inject that dose of personality into your baby’s portraits, pattern’s is the way to go. Patterns and texture add visual texture to an image. Patterns are okay if either just the baby is in a pattern and the rest of the baby’s family are in simple solid colored pieces or if the patterns are subtle and complimentary when captured in a photo.

Don’t date yourself

This is more of a personal style choice but I suggest adding a little vintage in your baby’s portrait. Try to choose clothes and pieces that are timeless or have a sentimental value to you and the baby. Most people prefer the latest clothing trends thinking that they are a time stamp for the photographs but a timeless look will extend the life of your photographs. Whatever your personal style choice is be sure that the photos won’t look horribly dated a few years from now. Achieve an interesting timeless look by adding lots of textures, layers and accessories.

On your feet-shoes matter

Sneakers are a no-no unless we talking about a fashion forward pair of Vans or Converse. Only wear a pair of sneakers if they complement the session. When it comes to shoes, a bold or fun choice will help infuse some color and the kid’s unique personality into the photographs. Your choice of shoes could make or break your photo outfit. Complete the feel of the photo session by slipping on a pair of colorful ballet flats or some hip distressed boots. When it comes coordination, dress up those bright and colorful shoes with clothing articles and accessories. Match the kid’s red shoes to the mum scarf or sweater. If bright and fun is the look you are going for then don’t forget to a pair of funky socks for the little boys. They will not only add a splash of color to the image but also the kid’s personality.

No matter your style of choice ensure the comfort of your kids is always the top priority.

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