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Baby Milestones – When To Photography Your Baby

Babies are perfect and precious in every way and you want to capture every moment of your baby’s growth. Other than your camera phones and personal digital camera, hiring a professional baby photographer will be an amazing addition to keep the amazing memories fresh in print. Hiring a professional photographer full time is not practical given the economy. However because of the professional artistic talent and quality can be priceless. Here are the best times to capture your little bundle of joy milestones!



For the first week of the baby’s life the family is embarking on an amazing journey. You are also trying to adjust and figure things out. This is a great time to have the baby photographed to capture those tiny baby details. Overtime we forget the baby’s flaky skin, tiny and blistered pouted lips. Capture this milestone within the first 14 days after the baby is born. You are probably looking to have the baby photographed naked in an artistic pose. Few days after birth babies can be posed easily and they are comfortable naked.

3-4 months


At 3 months your baby is already smiling, the baby even recognizes you and people around. Around this period the babies are able to interact a lot and they enjoy some tummy time. If placed on a pillow or a prop the baby can raise their head and smile long enough for a photographer to capture this adorable moment.

6-9 months


This a great age for photography as the baby is sitting up, grabbing for favorite toys and even laughing. If the baby isn’t quite sitting up, sit next to the baby to help with the baby’s balance. Make sure it’s always safe for the baby and someone is always near to catch the baby’s lean. Make the photos colorful by dressing up the baby. However at this age the baby’s personality is shining and you don’t need props to enhance photos.

12 months


A baby’s first birthday is a wonderful milestone. Celebrate this great milestone with a cake smash photo. Alternatively take a family portrait to capture this milestone.

One year and beyond


Your baby is already crawling, standing up with a little help or perhaps they have started walking. The teeth are also out finally! This are for sure great milestones. Don’t worry if your baby hasn’t taken his first steps yet, you will want to have your baby’s portraits as they turn a year older. Your baby’s one year milestone is a celebration for you and your baby, you have been with your little bundle of joy for a year now. The baby still develops and change but not as much as they changed in the first year. Capture more fantastic moments as the baby gets older by scheduling photoshoots every six months or once a year. You and the baby will treasure this images for a lifetime.

Milestone photographs are a great way to document the exciting changes happening in your baby’s life from the first smile to the first step. Don’t forget to keep in touch with your photographer.

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