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6 Must Take Baby Photos

Heard of the cliché statement that babies grow up so fast, well this is so true. The baby ought to feature in lots of pictures. The baby’s first few month always feels like a blur for everyone. You have a very tiny window of opportunity to capture that pure essence of newborn charm. Years from now it might take you a glance at a photo to fully recall some of the events. Looking for the best way to document the arrival of your newborn? Before handing over your camera to a relative or friend to capture the magical moments here is a list of must take baby pictures.

Sibling shot


Make the older siblings feel extra special by including them in the baby’s photoshoots. Get exclusive shots of just the sibling with the new addition to the family. In a few years they will be constantly bickering and fighting over who gets to use the bathroom first. If you family is still growing these sibling shots are a great way to droll over the adorable moments between the older siblings and the new baby siblings. 

Sleeping baby


Sleeping like a baby takes a whole new meaning by watching a newborn sleep. The peaceful image is even better when you catch the baby grinning. Who knows what babies are dreaming of? Take a minute from the cuteness and take a picture before the baby wakes up. There are a lot of ops moments when the baby is awake so make sure these shots are great.

Baby with daddy


Tiny baby in daddy’s strong arms is heartwarming. Everyone focuses and pampers the mom during the pregnancy while the dad waits for the baby. Now it’s time for the dad to take the center stage and shine. To the dad the idea of a baby is just that, an idea until he actually gets to hold the baby. It’s so emotional and magical every time you see a grown man fall in love with the tiny infant. 

Baby's Laugh


Adjusting as a new mom is hard, there are days you wish for just a few minute of shut eye. But then the baby laughs. A baby’s laugh will make your day and lift your spirits. You will want to get as many shots as you can of the glorious smile on your baby’s face. The only thing cuter that the sound of a baby’s laughter is the look on their tiny and adorable faces.

Family photo


What’s better than a photo of the baby snuggling between the parents. Most families fail to get this shot because they don’t have anyone to take the photo. Try everything you can to make this shot happen.

Baby with Grandparents


This a keepsake photo that your baby will cherish when they are older. Make sure you document other moments of the baby with the grandparents. Capture a three generations of love shot by taking a picture of grandparents, you and the baby.

Nothing beats the newborn baby smell except swooning over your baby’s photos. Check off the above must have newborn baby pictures and you are sure to cherish these moments when your little bundle of joy isn’t so little anymore. These moments will make a great #TBT selection down the road.

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