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Must Have Newborn Photography Gear and Accessories

Professional photography has gained quite a reputation of everything being comically large. The massive tripods, large lenses and over the top accessories. The truth is packing light has proven to be as effective as dragging all your earthly belongings to a photoshoot. Everything is quite different when it comes to newborn and baby photography. The little ones require a lot of attention not to mention the parents whose dynamic has radically changed with the arrival of the precious baby. Newborn photography is as fun and rewarding as any other field of photography and it actually doesn’t require lots of gear. Here are some of the essential camera gear, accessories and props to help you through the photo session.

Camera and lenses

For camera gear just about any modern digital camera is capable of capturing amazing baby images. Most newborn photographers only use 2 to 3 lenses and one camera for an entire photo session. Newborn babies hardly move around that why advanced pro functions are not essential for newborn photography. You don’t require high bust rate and sophisticated AF tracking. Use macro lenses and prime lenses to produce high quality images. 

Photographic accessories

When it comes newborn photography the ideal lighting is usually natural light. You don’t really require strobe lights because newborn babies are usually sensitive to the flashes.

Pop-up reflector – a reflector is very useful when you are utilizing natural light. Choose a reflector with an interior fabric that can diffuse light and a white cover to bounce off light as well as open up shadows. An excellent reflector is cost effective and can also be easily folded up for transportation.

Backdrop stand – a backdrop stand allows you to work with different textured faux-wood or patterned cloth backdrops during a shoot. You can actually lay half of your backdrop on the ground by clamping one end on the backdrop stand.

Clamps – they are used to affix any cloth backdrops to the backdrop support stand.

Newborn accessories

These newborn accessories come in handy during the newborn photoshoot. They help the photo session run smoothly by keeping the messes to a minimum.

Baby wipes – baby wipes are essential because when it comes to newborns it not a question of if they make a mess because they are most likely going to make a mess. Make sure the wipes are readily available throughout the shoot.

Hand sanitizer – newborn babies are prone to getting infections like colds. It’s important to stay clean and sanitized through the entire photo session. Wash your hands periodically and use hand sanitizer before holding the baby. Use scent free hand sanitizer when handling a baby because their skin is very sensitive. 

Space heater – newborn babies are less fussy when they are warm and comfortable. That’s why it’s important for the baby to be warm throughout the shoot. A warm and comfortable baby will sleep through the shoot making it easy for you to pose them. A space heater will always ensure the newborn are is always warm.

Generally all you require for newborn photography is a few prime lenses, a decent camera and window light. It’s all up to you to pose and snap that cute first picture.

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