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Top Baby Photographers And Their Secrets To Success

Our children often annoy us to the point of making us crazy with the things they do inside the house or outdoors. One thing we all can’t deny is that every time you look at your baby makes you forget everything and just enjoy the moment. Your baby isn’t going to stay little forever. Unfortunately those adorable moments with our babies quickly disappear and we gradually forget the happy over the years. This is why we resort to the camera to record and immortalize every special moment with our babies. Sometimes it’s difficult to photograph your baby because they can hardly sit still and so you need a baby photographer. Based on creativity and experience here is a list of top baby photographers and what makes their work stand out.

Lisa Holloway


Lisa Holloway believes that the serious and soulful expression she captures has not only made her work stand out but also popular and celebrated. Baby photography isn’t as hard as most people presume but you need to be patient. She believes in establishing rapport with the baby instead of shoving your camera on the face the second you meet them. Talk to the kid and ask the questions. It is also important to get the kid away from their parents. Children relax more and become more natural with you without the parents around. 

Holloway’s trick: have the kid close their eyes, let them relax their face. Have the kid open their eyes on the count to three before taking the picture.  

Kevin Cook


Kevin Cook admits that it was hard to get children to cooperate during a photoshoot. Same as Lisa Holloway, he admits that an expression is what makes a photograph. Kevin Cook attributes its success to learning how to be patient and understanding with kids. Capturing a story goes hand in hand with getting that priceless expression on a kids face. It’s smart to find inspiration for the photoshoot from something or someone. Kevin Cook finds most of his inspiration from movies and book covers that feature kids.

Magdalena Berny


Magdalena Berny believes her photography has gained more attention because of the simplicity of her work. Her motto is- less is more. Most of her pictures are staged and the children in the pictures tell the stories she wants to introduce. Magdalene Berny invents a story in her mind and lets the children play as heroes of the scene.

Jake Olsen


Jake Olsen top priority in his work is to capture the right moment. His images portray a story that said Olsen tries to capture movements for the narrative images he wants to portray. He lets kids play with water or throw leaves around. Jake Olsen picks out locations that works for the shoot so that he can fully concentrate on capturing the best expressions.

Surprisingly enough what make these photographers popular has nothing or very little to do with location, gear, post production and social media skills. All the photographers approach photography in two ways; one as a method to capture a story and second they communicate properly with the kids they are shooting.

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