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Tips For Photographing Babies Outdoors

The idea of taking your little bundle of joy outdoors to snap a few glorious snaps might be a little daunting and a cause of concern. When it comes to baby photography most parents and photographers prefer a studio with an elaborate backdrop and lots of props. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t mean there is anything wrong with photographing babies indoors but you might be forced to get a little creative if you have no access to studio space. Here are simple tips to get you started on outdoor baby photography. Always remember to keep your perfect little guy and pretty little girl safe. 

Settle the baby inside

Baby are usually more settled when they are warm and comfortable. You can only successfully photograph the baby outdoors if you begin and prepare the baby indoors. Babies like to be warm so it’s best to leave them in pajamas when you’re swaddling them. Ensure the baby is swaddled up tightly before rocking them to sleep. Once the baby is asleep, lay them in basket that is comfortably lined with faux fur or a soft blanket. Once the baby is settled in the basket carry everything outdoors. It’s best to scout out a location near the house. Don’t worry if the baby doesn’t stay settled. It’s important to be flexible, if you can’t take the baby outdoors figure out ways to bring the outdoors inside. 

Shade the baby properly

Ensure the baby is shade properly whether a parent is holding them or you are placing the baby on a prop outdoors. Newborns and older babies usually have sensitive skin. For the sake of getting great photographs the last thing you want as a photographer is for a baby to get a sunburn. If you are unable to find natural shade bring a large umbrella or use a reflector. The reflector should be held directly overhead.

Contain crawling and walking babies

To make photographing crawling and walking babies a bit easier you need be prepared and use a few tricks. When photographing crawling babies outdoors lay them on a blanket or a quilt. Most babies won’t crawl off into the grass because they don’t like the feel of grass on their bare feet and hands. However this can cause frustrations for the baby, but it will buy you a few minutes when the baby is stationary. Other than the blank use wagons, crates, toddler chairs and galvanized wash tubs to contain babies. When using these props ensure the baby is safe and use a spotter to prevent the baby from tumbling.


If a sitting, crawling or walking baby isn’t happy being contained don’t push things. Just roll with the baby movements or you might end up with teary baby and nobody wants that. If you notice any signs of frustration try and entertain the baby by transitioning to games or any other entertaining activities. Play with the baby a game of chase, if the baby can walk hold their hands and walk or you could ask the dad to hold the baby overhead and play airplane and then keep taking photograph. You are likely to get candid images of the family together and portraits.

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