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Tips For Baby Photography

It’s one thing to take a landscape photo or pose adults who easily take instructions. Newborn photography presents a unique challenge and even the seasoned photographers view it as one of the scariest field of photography. Working with something as unpredictable and fragile as a newborn could bring out anxiety in a photographer. Here are some tips to get you started in your baby photography journey.

Safety first

When it comes to newborn and baby photography safety should always come first. Safety guidelines can be quite extensive but in general employ your common sense. Avoid using any sharp or hard objects as props for a baby shoot. Ensure the spotter is near if the shoot involves placing the baby on a high or unsteady surface. Some of our favorite baby photos are actually composites. With a little Photoshop magic you can have a picture of your baby hanging from a tree branch or on a guitar or any other risky position. Images of a baby on any precarious position should be attempted without composite techniques for baby photography and proper safety.

Ensure the baby is comfortable

Awake and happy or peacefully asleep are two looks that baby photographers go for during a shoot. If the baby is uncomfortable in any way you run the risk of the baby getting fussy, possibly crying and causing a really difficult time for everyone on set at the shoot. If the room isn’t warm enough consider using heating pads and space heaters. Put on gloves if your hands are cold.

Use window light and reflectors

You certainly don’t require to get fancy when it comes to lighting for baby photography. You only need a large window as a source of your main light. Use a reflector to help fill in any of your shadows. With proper lighting, camera angels and creativity you can get amazing baby photography results with any lens and camera.

Get creative props

Creative props can elevate your amateur photo into a professional one. Baby props don’t need to be expensive, find creative and unique props at a local crafts store or form household items. Try getting inspiration from the baby’s parents and incorporate their favorite colors, hobbies, culture and personalities. 

Get the basic poses

Creativity plays a great part in baby photography, and so are basic and must have shots. Start with basic shots before taking the more advanced photographs. Advanced shots are time consuming, complex and difficult and the baby might get fussy. At times if the baby is too fussy you might need to call of a shoot.

Select the right timeframe

The magic window for great newborn photography is within the first 2 weeks of birth. Babies are easy to with during this period. Newborns sleep for most of the day during this period and they are also easy to adjust. 

Baby photography might seem daunting but it’s similar to other forms of photography. Patient is key, the more you practice the more you’ll better at it.

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