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The Best Free Photo Apps For Moms

There is no excuse for you not to take multiple pictures of your baby. There numerous amazing photo apps available just for that. The only problem is decide which app is the best and easy to use. No need to worry download on your android, iPhone or iPad devices any of the mom-approved photography and feel like a professional baby photographer instantly.


Tapestry is available for all android devices. Tapestry is a great photo sharing alternative for you to post those cute baby photos on Facebook. Tapestry allows you to create groups that can view and access the photographs. Create Shutterfly albums that you can later email to your friends and family. Capture what’s happening right now and create photo albums using Tapestry. You can “beam” the slideshows to other android users on the spot. This feature allow instant access to photo without necessary emailing the photographs. Download Tapestry App on Google Play.

First Camera

First Camera is only available on iPhone and iPad. Truth is our kids love using our phones as much as we do if not more. What makes the First Camera App unique is that your kids can take as much photos as they want and these photos will be saved in the app rather than on your camera roll. The app has tons of stickers and filters for your budding photographer to pick out from making the experience fun. You’ll love this App because you don’t have to worry about the keeps accidentally deleting any of your photos or clogging up camera roll. Download First Camera App on iTunes.


Lifecake is available on android, iPhone and iPad devices. Lifecake keeps a tab on your baby’s growth by utilizing a built in timeline. The timeline is based on the baby’s birthday. You can compare different stages of your baby’s growth or zoom in to a specific age using the app. You can find and retrieve moments or milestones easily from your Dropbox, Facebook or Instagram accounts where you have stored the baby’s photographs. Download the Lifecake app on iTunes and Google play.


SeeMail is available on iPhone and iPad devices. Sometimes capturing a moment by taking only a photo simply doesn’t cut it. The App allows you to add audio caption to all your photo sharing experiences. You can record a SeeMail on a new photograph, any photo from your phones photo library or even from your Facebook album. A SeeMail recording is 33 second long. The app also allows to share the photos directly with any of your SeeMail friends. Make the moment more memorable using SeeMail. Download SeeMail App on iTunes.


Snapseed is available on android, iPhone and iPad devices. Most people love taking photographs but when it comes to editing the photos it becomes challenging or you simply don’t have the time. Don’t let editing take out the fun from your baby photographing experience. Snapseed will turn your photos into a work of art with very little effort. Some of the professional editing guidelines like cropping, adjusting, straightening and tuning have been made so easy. Getting that perfect photograph is just a few taps away using this app. Download Snapseed App on iTunes and Google Play.

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